Nutsa Modebadze is a Georgian artist who launched her own label in 2007. Her collections for women and men established her as a designer of opposites and compliments, where masculine and feminine elements are balanced into sensual asymmetries. Each individual object made by Nutsa is an architecture of innovative items skilfully sticking together cuts of fine manually painted natural leather, entangling in a life-and-rebirth secret ritual the energies preserved into the animal skin. “This curve is your smile and this cross is your heart, and this line is your path”, says a mantric song, illustrating the artist’s obsessive drive to give shape to unique states of mind. In a both old and new, discrete and non-conformist style, the exquisite creations of Nutsa Modebadze – from shoes to avant-garde garments – offer the means to absorb on your dream with your body on.